Why More Physicians Are Using an Event Monitor

There are many more physicians using an event monitor and the reason is simple: there is more automation. Recording all of the events going on with your heart is of the utmost importance – especially if you have recently gone into cardiac arrest or you have an arrhythmia. Instead of keeping you in the hospital, you are assigned a wireless monitor to wear.
How do you know you will get the desired care from a doctor if you are not in the hospital being monitored 24/7?
This is one of the top questions that patients ask when they are given an event monitor to wear instead of spending time inside of a hospital. Doctors are able to program the monitor before sending you home. This way, the monitor will detect events and allow you to go about all of your day to day activities without being connected to a bunch of wires. The monitor will also send notices to the doctor if anything important is detected.
You could sit in the hospital for days, but why would you? Technology has improved enough that it is simply not necessary. An event monitor will record everything and send information to the doctor so that you are always being monitored – and thus maintaining a high level of health. This is easier for doctors, too, because they can monitor your heart even when they are not in the hospital. This allows them to go home and get some much needed rest – all the while being informed of events with the monitor.
Doctors are trying to provide higher levels of care. Especially with some of the changes that have occurred in healthcare, many places are making cutbacks. It’s harder for doctors to keep a patient in a hospital room because there isn’t enough money in the budget. With the use of an event monitor, they can get the information they need regarding your heart without keeping you in the hospital. You benefit from this, too, because you aren’t confined to a bed for days on end while your cardiac events are recorded.
It can actually be more affordable for hospitals to use an event monitor in comparison to the fancy cardiac machines at the hospital. When you combine this with the fact that there is no need for you to stay at the hospital, it’s a huge cost savings. Many hospitals and doctors’ offices around the country are buying monitors in bulk for this very reason.
Your cardiac health is of the utmost importance. Whatever a doctor can do to improve your health should be done. An event monitor can look very different from hospital to hospital, cardiologist a cardiologist. If you don’t want to have a lot of wires and you want your doctor looking after your health 24 hours a day, seven days a week, an event monitor is going to be used. More doctors are learning about these wireless monitors that will transmit data to them at all times – ensuring your health is their top priority.