Upper East Side Personal Trainers Know Maximizing Muscle Growth And Rest

Many people subscribe to the myth that if you want to build muscle, you have to put in the extra hours in the gym hitting the weights hard. However, this is not necessarily the case and qualified Upper East Side Personal trainers will quickly explain to a client that your muscles do not grow during exercise. Muscle growth occurs while your body is resting and your muscles are repairing. This is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for an education into rest and muscle growth.
First it is important to state its importance and to dispel the myth. The personal trainer has the chance to distinguish between what happens at the gym and what happens after. At the gym the muscles are stressed beyond what they can currently handle. The muscle fibers tear. It is during rest that they repair and grow. One cannot work without the other. Too much training results in overtraining. To much rest results in atrophy. Your muscles need the rest period to allow for proper recovery. Underscores the importance of rest in your programNext, by knowing the importance of the resting period, one can take full advantage by Fueling the body properly for recovery. Your Upper East Side personal trainer can usually help with this part of the plan, too. Eating good sources of lean protein will be a cornerstone. Consuming a protein source within 45 minutes of your workout will help maximize the muscle growth, as you will be providing the muscles with fuel to help repair muscle tissue efficiently and effectively. 
Finally, rest helps with the main reason people want to exercise. They want to lose weight. Rest helps with weight loss, because your muscles grow and repair at rest. Upper East Side personal trainers will confirm this with you and why in one simple statement. A pound of muscle burns 75-100 calories daily. So, the cycle is you exercise, you rest, you build muscle, you lose weight.
Remember, before beginning any fitness routine, see your doctor for medical clearance. It is important to know if you are ready for the stress your body will undertake during exercise. Blood pressure, cholesterol and other measurements are good readings to have before starting. Not only can you rule out potential hazards, but you will also have a nice “before” picture to measure your accomplishments during your periodic fitness assessments by your Upper East Side personal trainer.