The Four Top Supplements Vital For Healthy Digestion

Digestive problems are so rampant in our society it is almost becoming absolutely necessary to take digestive  supplements  to help our intestinal/digestive tract. I would rank digestive complaints as one of the top 3 complaints patients have when coming in my office. There are 4 digestive  supplements  I recommend when healing the digestive tract. Often by following the recommendations I give for digestive  supplements  patients find most of their IBS, constipation, and associated aches and pains resolved.

Digestive  supplement  #1:

Total Enzymes: This is probably my personal favorite of the digestive  supplements . Total enzymes help break your food down for use of nutrients and decreased stress on the intestines. Very effective digestive  supplement  for constipation. (One before each meal)

Digestive  supplement  #2:

Total Probiotics: These digestive  supplements  are necessary if you have taken a lot of antibiotics or if you have a weak/stressed immune system. Probiotics are a digestive  supplement  that helps establish the normal healthy flora in your digestive tract. (One before each meal or one hour after)

Digestive  supplement  #3

Metafiber: Fiber is the buzzword when you think of digestive  supplements  because fiber adds bulk to stool, dilutes carcinogens and decreases transit time. I also like this digestive  supplement  because fiber massages the walls of the intestines. (Use as directed and try to get 25-30 grams dietary fiber per day)

Digestive  supplement  #4

EPA/DHA Extra Strength Omega 3s or Complete Omega Essentials: This is chosen as one of my digestive  supplements  because it lubricates the walls of the intestines among many other health benefits. (1000mg daily)

Important Notes about Digestive  Supplement  Protocol:

1.Use the digestive  supplement  protocol for 90-120 days

2.Increase intake of raw fresh fruits and vegetables (organic when possible)

3.Drink at least half of your body weight in water per day

4.If you have reflux, the digestive  supplement  by Nutriwest, Hypo-D has been very effective

5.Take 10 deep breaths before you eat and do not eat under stress (this tricks the nervous system into the resting and digesting phase and out of the fight or flight) allowing food to go down better.