Supplements For Better Pet Health

Dietary, health and fitness  supplements  have become a huge business as people have become more health conscious. But as the science of health and nutrition increases, so have the beneficiaries including Fido and Whiskers. That’s right, your pet now has his own line of health  supplements .

Whether it be for digestive health, joint health or even weight loss, there is a  supplement  available for many things to benefit your pet’s health. There are eye drops to cleanse the tear ducts as well as ear washes for both cats and dogs. If Fido needs a multivitamin, there are many available. If Whiskers has a weight problem, perhaps a green tea diet pill is in order. If Spot is looking a bit ragged, a  supplement  to make his coat more healthy is available.

But all pet lovers know that their loved ones can suffer from some much more serious conditions that do need ongoing care. For instance, bladder problems can often afflict both cats and dogs.  Supplements  are available to both promote bladder function as well as control.

Many pets also suffer from hip and joint pain.  Supplements  containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been shown to be very effective in both eliminating pain and promoting better joint function. Also, a pet’s digestive health can be improved through a variety of  supplements  containing certain enzymes.

Available without a veterinarian, these  supplements  have become very popular and readily available online. Companies such as Halo, Pet Naturals and PetLabs360 have developed strong reputations for both innovation and purity.