Measles Outbreak in Ottawa Children's Hospital Sends Public Health Department Reeling

A new case of measles in Ottawa has sent the Ottawa Public Health department chasing after as many as fifty families, maybe more.
A young child was taken to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) with symptoms that turned out to be a measles infection. Apparently this case stemmed from international travel and was not “home-grown”. Ottawa’s public health agency is diligently following up with approximately 50 families that were at CHEO at approximately the same time as this child.
I have to wonder if the child who was infected was immunized. They left that part out in this case. I suspect the child was immunized only because if the child was NOT immunized the reporting never fails to miss it.
“We want to find out if they’ve been immunized, if they’re susceptible to the disease, and encouraging them to be immunized if they’re not fully protected right now,” said Dr. Carolyn Pim, Ottawa’s associate medical officer of health.
This is standard medical practice: to offer a vaccine after a potential infection. The same thing happens when you are injured with a laceration/abrasion or burn, except in this scenario, the vaccine that is offered is a tetanus shot.
Although this is standard accepted medical practice it warrants you asking your doctor what good a vaccine will do you if you are already infected. The answer is that it is not likely to help. Vaccines behave like a “mini” infection to stimulate your immune system to mount a defense and protect you against a real FUTURE infection… not one that is already in place.
Perhaps an injection of immune globulins would be a better idea. This would be like getting an injection with the very type of substance that your body would produce to fight off an infection. It makes more sense from a medical perspective but is rarely done as the side effects can be significant.
Maybe immunization is good, maybe it isn’t. Personally – our family has decided to decline all vaccines for our children. If we happened to be in that CHEO emergency department, we would have declined the vaccine – I don’t believe it would have helped.
I should mention that when I was in the hospital recovering from bacterial meningitis I received a call from the Ottawa Health Department offering the meningitis vaccine. I haven’t read up on that particular vaccine but every vaccine I have read the details for specifically recommend that those in a weakened state should not receive a vaccine. I declined.

Food Safety For Healthcare Assistants

Food Safety
People who work in the healthcare industry are involved with providing some type of health service to individuals, be it in work settings such as hospitals and dental offices to birthing centers, out-patient surgery centers, home healthcare and nursing homes. 
Having healthcare assistants obtain food safety certificates not only protects the clients from the hazards of foodborne illnesses, but also the workers. In fact, healthcare workers face a number of serious safety and health hazards, including bloodborne pathogens, potential chemical and drug exposures, ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks, foodborne illnesses and more. 
Health workers get sick or injured too.
According to the healthcare and social assistance industry, more injury and illness cases arise in the healthcare industry than any other private industry sector, with nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants rating the highest. And clinical research has shown that health workers are just as ignorant of certain causes of foodborne illnesses as restaurant workers. 
In fact, two primary causes of foodborne illnesses are: 

1. Not washing hands or respecting proper hygiene practices
2. Not storing foods and perishable items at proper refrigeration temperatures.
Contaminated food and the mishandling of food by healthcare assistants is one of the high risk factors in working in the healthcare industry. In fact, clinical research has shown that one of the least understood and yet most simple methods of reducing foodborne hazards is by washing our hands. Yet too many people in the food industry don’t practice this simple method seriously enough. 
This is why it is critical food handlers in the healthcare industry, which includes any healthcare assistant serving food or handling food in any way (including the eating of their own lunches while at work) obtain a food safety certificate. 
The various duties and responsibilities of a healthcare assistant can include:
Helping patients to shower or wash their bodies
Serving and administering food
Making and changing beds
Keeping patients company
Helping patients move around
Keeping patients room or home clean
Recording patients vital signs
While some jobs as healthcare assistant require no special qualifications, others need special certification in various fields of focus. However, it is essential that all healthcare assistants receive their food safety certificate from a food safety course, so that they won’t transfer foodborne organisms to the patient (and vice versa) while administering aid, ideally one driven by clinical research.
Many people working in the health care industry, including health care assistants, nursing staff, ward staff, community health care workers, unit managers, occupational therapists, and the like, will handle food as part of their duties at one time or another. Regardless of whether they work in the private, public or voluntary sectors, they all need an adequate level of food safety training. 
A food safety course will also educate healthcare assistants and should prove they can handle the detection, investigation, control and follow-up of a foodborne outbreak.

Arrhythmia Monitoring Doesn't Have to Take Place in the Hospital

Arrhythmia Monitoring
Arrhythmia monitoring is something that many cardiologists will request when someone has an irregular heartbeat. Whether it was something you have had on and on for your entire life or it is something that has recently developed, your doctor is likely going to request you to wear a monitor in order to obtain more data as to your heartbeat. This monitor may be worn for 24 hours or even longer.
Years ago, arrhythmia monitoring had no choice but to take place within the hospital. It involved a lot of wires hooked to the wall for power as well as hooked to you for monitoring. New strides in technology have been made so that you do not have to reside in the hospital for days on end for this monitoring to be done. Depending upon what is going on, you may not need to spend a single night in the hospital – all because of wireless monitors that you can wear at home.
Many doctors were hesitant to use wireless monitors when they first came out for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Minimal battery life
  • Patients forgot to record data
  • Units were cumbersome

This is not the situation anymore thanks to some significant improvements within the medical industry. Doctors are now more likely to schedule arrhythmia monitoring for a patient outside of the hospital because they are confident with the handheld, wireless monitors that are now available. They have a significant battery life and can go over 30 days without being charged – which is ideal for when a doctor wants to record heartbeat data for a 30-day period.
Additionally, patients no longer have to be responsible for recording the data off of the machine. Instead, the unit is going to do all of the recording automatically. It will have electrodes that connect to your chest. From there, the unit will be able to sensor heartbeats speeding up or slowing down as well as any irregular patterns. The doctor will program the Arrhythmia Monitoring unit to determine how often the unit will send data to him or her. This allows the doctor to “look” in on the patient without the patient being in the hospital – and even without the doctor being in the hospital.
If you don’t have to stay in the hospital for arrhythmia monitoring, it’s better for you. You may not have insurance that covers overnight stays – and even when you do, you may still be responsible for a hefty co-pay. Also, you may not have the sick time to be able to take off. With a wireless monitor, you can go home, go grocery shopping or go to work. The added benefit is that as you do more activities, your doctor will be able to see your heartbeats – and certain activities may trigger an arrhythmia.
Hospitals are fine for those that are sick. If you aren’t sick and there’s no reason for you to be in the hospital, then you can take advantage of modern medicine with a wireless heart monitor.

Custom Foot Orthotics Online Solves A Variety Of Problems

Custom Foot Orthotics
Your feet are very important because they support the rest of your body. When your feet are not comfortable, it can make you feel miserable. Custom foot orthotics online can solve this problem. There are solutions for everyone from athletes to those who suffer from diabetes, flat feet or other ailments. Prescription foot orthotics offer a custom fit for your feet that will provide relief from pain or the comfort needed for athletes.
Custom Fit for your Feet
Rather than trying to purchase over the counter inserts that may or may not help, choose custom orthotics and you will feel the difference. They are manufactured using technology that is backed by research to ensure the best fit and support.
Shock absorption is a very important aspect. When you walk or run, your feet hit the ground and if they do not absorb shock correctly, this can cause pain. Another thing that is of concern is the stability of your legs. Your feet stabilize the legs and absorb shock. In order for feet to provide shock absorption and leg stability sometimes they need a little help.
This is where custom foot orthotics online can be helpful. Because shoes are generally designed with only a few different types of feet considered, custom designed orthotics are often needed. Using 3-dimensional scanning technology to determine the foot size, the pressure points and the arch in order to design the orthotics that are right for your feet is what makes a difference.
Pre-made inserts are not specific to your foot type. As mentioned, shoes are usually designed with a one size fits all approach. Only a few variances in width and arch support are available. The same is true of inserts. They are made to provide cushioning in certain areas of the foot. Often cushioning is not the answer. Custom prescription orhtotics are designed according to the latest technology.
Everyone can Benefit from Custom Orthotics
Runners and athletes need to pay particular attention to their feet. This is essential to their success. Injuries sustained because of the wrong type of shoe are common. Wearing the incorrect type of shoe can cause pain from the lower back all the way to the feet. Even if you are not an athlete, your feet can benefit from custom orthotics.
The combination of several shock absorbing layers and the support provided by the shell that is made from a “semi-flexible polyethylene derivative” are beneficial for everyone. Several years of research and studies have gone into the craftsmanship and manufacture of the right type of orthotics for every need. Understanding your foot type as well as body type is important to choosing the right footwear.
If you are suffering from foot, leg or back pain it could very well be due to the shoes that you are wearing. Many people have experienced immediate relief by choosing custom orthotics. Put as much thought into what you put on your feet as you do other important decisions because they are the foundation for the body.
FootLogic Orthocare precisely fabricates custom prescription foot orthotics using a 3D Foot Scanner to suit the needs of every patient ranging from diabetes sufferers to elite athletes.

How to Set Choose Health and Fitness Equipment

Health and Fitness
There are hundreds of health and fitness equipment you can buy to use at home and sometimes most buyers are not sure what to do so as to get the right ones. You want to avoid spending a considerable sum of money on a fitness machine only to realize shortly thereafter that you did not really need it. Since there are varied types of these pieces of equipment you need to have a proper reason for making a purchase.
Do you truly need it? Whatever gear you buy must really suit your desire and interests. You must always make sure you know the equipment well together with its various uses and benefits. This is because paying for an expensive machine not always a guarantee that you are going to use it. It is always advisable to start with simple equipment that is properly aligned to your fitness goals.
Is it worth the cost? You also need to interrogate the value of what you are trying to buy and see whether it is really worth its cost. If you must buy it, there are always chances that you can get a more affordable option. You don’t want to spend so much money on something that will break down tomorrow or you realize you could have bought it more reasonably at the next shop.
Consider second hand: When looking for fitness equipment to use at home, it is sometimes advisable to visit shops that sell used equipment. You are more likely to get a good offer in such a shop as opposed to going for what is completely new. It is sometimes possible for you to get equipment that has only been used for a short time at an extremely low rate. Don’t be surprised to buy something that has been used for only three months at half the cost of a new one.
Do you have the space? Sometimes people buying sports gear don’t think about the space they have at home and whether it will be sufficient to accommodate what they are buying. Try to think about the space you have at home and whether it will actually fit a treadmill or anything else you are buying.
Is there a cheaper alternative? You need to ask yourself whether there is a gym next to where you live which has this expensive health machine where you could save money by becoming a member and using it so that you use this money for something else. It is always important to think clearly before buying home gym equipment before spending your cash.
The author of this article is a health and fitness instructor and is currently working for Australia based fitness equipment company Aussie Fitness Equipment. The company is one of the leading suppliers of high end gym equipment and supplements online.