Muscle Building Supplements – Why Some Work Crazy Well (Others You Would Have to Be Crazy to Take)

There are a lot of  supplements  on the market these days. You can just cruise through your local gym and probably see half a dozen different types just out of the corner of your eye. The hard part comes down to deciding what is right and necessary what is junk.

The good news is there are only a few time tested muscle building  supplements  out there and the rest you can just ignore for now until several more years have passed. The take away is of course the all mighty multi-vitamin, protein, fish oil, and creatine. Not a huge list I know.

The good news is the reduced list should do wonders for your wallet. Plus most of the “super amazing special”  supplements  haven’t really been time tested to work wonders yet so you can save on them.

You of course always want a multi-vitamin. Unless you are an eating nut there is no way the average person would be able to consume the amount of vitamins and nutrients you would need through a regular diet. Sure you can get close but this will help tip the scales in your favor.

So what is the deal with the rest? Well protein is definitely needed for muscle growth, if you do not know this maybe you should start talking to other people on nutrition before you start your workout. Most protein  supplements  are good for you, just avoid the extra delicious ones they tend to have too much fat and other crap in them. Fish oil has the all important omega-3’s which your body can not produce on its own.

The last one is creatine which will helps to support your muscles, I am not expert or a doctor. But I do know if you take creatine correctly it can help you lift more, achieve better gains and help prevent you from getting injuries.