It’s Time to Buy Fish Oil Supplements – But How Do You Choose Between the Different Brands?

Finally you’re convinced that you need to buy fish oil supplements to add to your daily diet. You understand that the diet of the average American is now too low in the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, otherwise known as the Omega 3 fatty acids, and that increasing your intake of the Omega3 fats has significant benefits for your health.

In fact the health benefits of increasing the amount of Omega 3 fats in your diet are so overwhelming that even the American Heart Association recommends that we do so.

So now you’re convinced about the health benefits of Omega 3 supplements, and you’ve decided to buy fish oil supplements for yourself, how do you go about choosing between all of the different brands available on the market?

Well of course you could just head down to the supermarket and find the cheapest brand of Omega 3 supplements.

But did you know that the amount of the active ingredients DHA and EPA varies widely between different brands, and that the best Omega 3 supplements can have 2 or even 3 times more of the Omega3 fats than some regular brands? And this means that if a regular brand is half the price of the best supplements, but has a 3rd of the active ingredients, it is actually costing you more.

And did you know that many fish are now contaminated with industrial toxins, and that supplements made from oil from these fish have also been found in the past to be contaminated?

Did you know that oil from fish, like other foods, can go off? In fact when it does so it is called “rancid” fish oil, and this oil, when used in Omega 3 capsules, can at best cause what is known as “fishy burps” and at worst be bad for you.

Perhaps now, if you’re getting interested to buy fish oil supplements for the sake of your health, you’re beginning to think you might need to spend a little time investigating a bit more about how to choose between the best Omega 3 supplements and the worst.

If you’d like to find out more about how to choose between the best and the worst Omega 3 supplements, so you can buy fish oil capsules that are both good value as well as provide optimum health benefits, visit my website.