Is The Extra Expense Justified For The Medifast Cereal?

Medifast Cereal
I sometimes hear from people who are trying to determine what they will include with their first Medifast order. When they are doing this, many notice items that are relatively new and they wonder if it is worth making a special effort to include these items. One such item is the newer cold cereals.
I might hear a comment like: “would it be worth it to order some of the cereal? I don’t think that the cold cereal comes with any of the packages and I know that the oatmeal or hot cereal is typically included. Are the cold cereals so tasty that it makes it worth it to pay a little extra for them?” I’ll tell you my opinion on this below.
You have a couple of different options with the cold cereals. You don’t have to order them individually, which I’ll get to in just a second. But, if you were going to purchase them a la carte, they cost $16.50 for a box of seven servings. This is pretty typical for all of the Medifast foods. The cereal isn’t any more expensive than other items. As of this writing, the cold cereal is being offered in two flavors – the mixed berry crunch and the cinnamon brown sugar crunch. This cereal is shaped like little O’s and it taste similar to the popular brand that we all grew up with except both flavors are a little sweeter than just the plain version.
Frankly, I am a huge fan of cold cereal. If every one is out of the house or are somewhere else and not eating dinner at home, I fully admit that I will sometimes have cold cereal as my dinner. I have done this all of my life and even when I’m not on a diet. So it is nice to have that option while on a diet. I would personally be willing to buy some individual boxes of the cereal with my order if I had to. But quite honestly, the cereal is currently part of the packages.
For example, a box of both the mixed berry and the cinnamon and brown sugar is included in both the gluten free and the on the go favorites packages. The Medifast favorites package includes a box of the cinnamon and brown sugar cereal. The only package that doesn’t contain any cold cereal is the chocolate lovers package.
I’m only guessing here and every one’s taste is different. But I believe if you like cold cereal in general and often ate it before starting this diet, you will likely find it worth it to get a couple of boxes whether you do this via design a menu and you chose the cereal as one of your menu choices or you go with one of the favorites packages which includes it. This is a pretty popular new addition and it’s my observation that most people like it.