Fish Oil Tablets – 3 Big Reasons to Use Nature’s Super Supplement

Their high omega-3 fatty acids content make fish oil tablets a crucial addition to anyone’s diet. Strangely enough these essential fatty acids (EFAs) cannot be produced by the body. As the name would suggest though, they are essential to good health and we need to get them from somewhere.

So, since the body cannot produce them, how do you get them? While omega-3 fatty acids can be had by eating certain types of fish, and also from plant sources like flax seed, taking fish oil tablets is the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting them into your system.

Why, however, would you bother to do so in the first place? Here are just 3 big reasons why you should be taking this kind of  supplement  on a daily basis:

1. Kick cholesterol to the curb

The danger that cholesterol poses to the human body lies in the fact that the bad type of cholesterol (LDL) leaves deposits in your arteries that cannot be cleared away by blood alone.

To aid in clearing these deposits away, you need good cholesterol (HDL). Fish oil is a fantastic source of HDL, and this in turn helps to remove the bad cholesterol from your arteries to your liver, and from there the body can safely dispose of them.

2. Keep your brain in shape

DHA, one of the two major EFAs found in fish oil tablets, is the most abundant fat in the brain. It’s no surprise then that studies have found that a low level of DHA brings with it a considerable risk factor for brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Combat inflammation

Chronic inflammation is often underestimated. Looking at the huge list of diseases that have been linked to it, it is very clear that it’s time to take inflammation seriously. I’m talking about diseases like atherosclerosis, Crohn’s disease, gastroenteritis and many more.

Omega-3 EFAs combat inflammation, providing yet another reason why using these  supplements  is so crucial to your health.

So there you have it…3 great reasons to start using this super food from the cold deep oceans today.